Will Their Time Ever Come? – 1976 Triumph TR7 Coupe

The TR7 (along with the V8 powered TR8) represents the last major model variant in the famous TR line from Triumph which began in 1953 with the TR2. The TR7’s radical departure in design from previous TR models with its controversial “Wedge” shape has always hindered its desirability as a collectible sports car when compared with it older siblings. However, as with almost every car out there, there is a core group of enthusiasts that do appreciate the TR7.

 1976 Triumph TR6 for sale

This car appears to have lived its entire life in California, something of note to us in the Northeast  where most TR7’s did suffer from sever rust damage, especially the coupe that would have most likely been a year round car suffering the fate of several months of salt exposure every year. To us, the surface rust disclosed would barely be considered an issue at all. Rust damage in our part of the continent implies a gaping hole that your fist would fit through. The headlight pods also look to have paint that is beyond patina and would probably call for a respray. Hopefully the balance of the original paint is salvageable including the interesting period decal striping. Not something we’ve seen before in the east, perhaps a west coast dealer application? The sliding glass sunroof was an original option.

Rear view Triumph TR7

The surface rust on the trunk is in an odd location from our perspective but perhaps it makes more sense if the car was parked near the ocean during its long 10 year period of inactivity. The interior looks a little tattered and is missing the radio, but with a $500 opening bid and no reserve there is little to complain about here. If it weren’t a $2,000 transport bill away from the Original Paint Cars headquarters we’d be placing a bid.

Triumph TR7 Interior

The engine compartment is aged and dirty but it does look to be mostly original outside of the silver heater duct tube. It looks like it would present much better with a simple detailing, but if you pay someone to do this it could cost a major percentage of the car’s value to complete. DIY is in order for this car so even returning it to running condition could get expensive if you don’t take this on yourself. In fact, at this price point it is probably the cheapest way to get into the LBC scene and attend British Car Events. Its old enough and unique enough these days to garner much attention on the road from the blissfully ignorant masses (who would have no idea what you paid for it). Find it here on eBay in Oakland California.

Triumph TR7 engine compartment

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