Too Good to Be True? – 1939 Ford Stake Truck

This 1939 Ford Stake Truck is described as a barn fresh example out of almost 50 years of storage. The paint looks so good in the photos its hard to believe that it is the factory finish and the seller has already had to field some questions related to this. He insists that it is the factory finish and, as such, a very rare case for a work truck from this era. The close up shots do seem believable as you can see some signs of age in the finish.

1939 Ford Stake Truck for sale

The interior definitely looks the part.

1939 Ford Stake Truck interior

The seller’s description sounds like the engine went through a proper recommissioning but the fuel system and brakes still need work. He has done some restoration work to the stake bed and windshield frame as well. Reading that the chassis was repainted was a disappointment. Hopefully that will be the end of the cosmetic work restoration on this one and the balance of the truck’s finishes can be preserved. Find it here on eBay in Livonia, New York with the reserve not yet met.

1939 Ford paint close up

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