Too good to be true? – 1924 Model T Fordor Sedan

This 1924 Model T Fordor sedan is claimed to retain the car’s original paint by the seller. It looks so good in the pictures it is hard to believe. Many model T’s restored in the ’60’s have now aged to the point they could be passed off as aged originals. We’ll take the seller at his word as he seems to be a Model T guy and hopefully an “in person” inspection could put any doubts to rest.

1924 Model T original paint

Unfortunately no information on how this car survived is provided, though the original selling dealer is known. This may indicate there is a known history on this car that was not included in the ad.

1924 Model T Fordor

The interior is also claimed to be original but again looks just too good in the photos. Surely there is a story to be told about this car’s life up until this point.

1924 Model T interior

Quite a bit of recent mechanical work has been done to the car but it looks like some paintwork was also done under the hood. It sounds like it is turn key and ready to go with only about 14,900 miles on the odometer. Find it here on eBay in Sherman Oaks California where it has not hit reserve.

1924 Model T engine

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