Time Warp – 1973 MGB GT

This 1973 MGB GT has only 31,000 original miles on it and retains its original paint, interior, engine and even the emissions system (something that was usually discarded years ago). The seller indicates it just came out of long term storage and the only repair work that was required was to the clutch hydraulics. Any long term MGB owners can relate to this.

1973 MGBGT original paint for sale

The GT version of the MGB has great lines and many consider it more attractive than the convertible. The paint looks to be in very good condition. There appears to be some sort of British Leyland decal in the rear window that does not look familiar.

1973 MGB GT rear view

Everything under the hood looks as one would expect. It is missing the radiator cradle to hood seal and it looks like someone has placed green foam between the radiator and the cradle itself. One of the original hood insulation mats is also missing in another photo.

1973 MGB engine

The interior shows some wear on the seat bolster that is not consistent with the car’s mileage unless it was always taken out on short trips. The cost to restore one of these would be far beyond the car’s completed value, so buying a original unrestored car in this condition would make much better economic sense. Find it here on eBay in Malvern PA with a But-it-Now price of $9,000.

1973 MGB interior

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