Will Their Time Ever Come? – 1976 Triumph TR7 Coupe

The TR7 (along with the V8 powered TR8) represents the last major model variant in the famous TR line from Triumph which began in 1953 with the TR2. The TR7’s radical departure in design from previous TR models with its controversial “Wedge” shape has always hindered its desirability as a collectible sports car when compared with it older siblings. However, as with almost every car out there, there is a core group of enthusiasts that do appreciate the TR7.

 1976 Triumph TR6 for sale

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Java Java Java – 1975 Triumph TR6

This 1975 Triumph TR6 wears its factory original Java Green paint. A truly 1970’s colour that the popular TR6 pulls off very well. The original style Redline tires also contrast well with it.

Original Paint 1975 Triumph TR6

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