Not a Woody – 1967 Ford Country Sedan Station Wagon

While everyone is aware of the iconic faux wood panelled Country Squires of the 1960’s, Ford actually produced more of the plainer Country Sedan station wagons in 1967 such as this example. The Country Sedan was the intermediate trim level below the Country Squire and above the base Ranch Wagon.

1967 Ford Country Sedan for sale

This one is equipped with the FE big block 2-bbl equipped 390, though the serial number is not provided for confirmation. It is a California car now in Joliet Illinois.

1967 Ford Country Squie Wagon 390 engine

The paint is described as original outside of the left rear door which has been partially repainted and has some current issues. The shade difference is visible in the pictures. The fish-eye lens shot of the storage area, with the back seats folded down, looks cavernous.

1967 Ford Country Sedan rear

The seller has added Torq Thrust wheels and bucket seats with a console and amber high beams. All of this can easily be undone, especially as the car’s original seat is included in the sale. Find it here on eBay with a Buy-it-Now at a reasonable sounding $7,750.