Rare Triumph – 1962 Triumph TR3B

The Triumph TR3B was a North American market vehicle only, produced by Triumph for American dealers afraid that the new TR4 would not go over well with American buyers. They came in two series; cars with a TSF serial number prefix that were identical to the TR3A and cars with TCF serial number prefixes that looked like a TR3A but had the engine and transmission of the TR4. This car is one of the latter examples.

1962 Triumph TR3B for sale

The original paint on this example looks great in the pictures but the seller does indicate there are some dings, scratches and thin spots. Exactly what one would expect and definitely something you would just let be. However the language in the text would lead one to believe that some minor paint work has already occurred.

1962 Triumph TR3B rear

The engine is the 2138 c.c. TR4 engine that would give the car slightly more power over the TR3A engine. No mention of internal engine work is mentioned so its sounds like it too is original.

1962 Triumph TR3B late engine

The interior looks to be in great condition and is also described as mostly original. This is definitely a rare oppourtunity to obtain a TR3B in this condition. Find it here on eBay in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia where it has already received some spirited bidding and it will sell.

1962 Triumph TR3B interior

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