Rare Corn Binder – 1966 International Harvester Travelette

International Harvester pick-up trucks, commonly referred to as “Corn Binders” by old-timers and enthusiasts, are a rare sight to start with. The fact that this 1966 1200 model is a crew cab long box makes it especially rare. The seller’s description indicates it may be a “one of one” model that was special ordered and modified at the factory, though some supporting documentation would be nice to back up that claim.1966 International Travelette for sale

The paint is believed to be original but is aged and there is some rust damage in spots. The current seller did a mechanical recommissioning after 8 years of storage (though its not clear if that was inside or outside). The seller also lists as series of driving landmarks the truck has seen since but does mention that the truck is now due for some maintenance. The rear view of the truck is very simple, but impressive.

1966 International Travelette rear

Unfortunately the seats had to be custom reupolstered but they do not look out of place in the pictures. The truck does retain its original split ring rims but you may have a hard time finding a tire shop willing to work with them. This unique vehicle is available here on eBay in Aspen Colorado for an opening bid of $7,150.

1966 International Travelette interior


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  1. This truck has been sold, as shown in original one owner condition, and has undergone a complete restoration! It has one several awards this year!

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