One of 253,200 – 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe Six Banger

1966 Ford Mustang production was prolific with 607,568 made. 253,200 were six bangers like this coupe which is said to have only 23,000 original miles and retains its original paint (though the left front fender shade looks slightly off). Details are thin and the pictures leave a little to be desired (note to sellers – do not take pictures under a tree on a sunny day). Even with so many made, I’m sure there are not many six cylinder cars left in this type of condition, especially without a V8 conversion.

Original Paint 1966 Ford Mustang for sale

There is a dent in the bumper, which we can live with. The original dealer emblem is still present which is encouraging.

1966 Ford Mustang rear view

The interior looks to be in great shape. Can that carpet be original? The steering wheel wrap has to go (hopefully it is protecting a mint wheel instead of hiding damage).

1966 Ford Mustang Interior

The seller indicates that some mechanical work has been completed. It looks like a rattle can might have made its way under the hood for the valve cover and air cleaner (or is the car just that clean?). Find it here on eBay as a classified ad in Rock Creek, Ohio where it is being listed at $12,500.

1966 Ford Mustang six cylinder engine



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