Java Java Java – 1975 Triumph TR6

This 1975 Triumph TR6 wears its factory original Java Green paint. A truly 1970’s colour that the popular TR6 pulls off very well. The original style Redline tires also contrast well with it.

Original Paint 1975 Triumph TR6

The car has just over 40,000 original miles and looks to be in exceptional condition.

1975 Triumph TR6 for sale

Under the hood looks “as new”. Is this possible without some paint touch ups on the engine perhaps?

1975 Triumph TR6 engine compartment

The interior also looks top be pristine. This car is priced at the top of the market but appears to be a worthy candidate. Find it here on eBay in Clearwater Florida at well known vintage car dealer P.J.’s Auto World.

1975 Triumph TR6 interior

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