Is it Original Paint? 1952 MG TD

The seller of this California black plate 1952 MG TD lists it as an original paint car which caught our attention. This is almost unheard of on any British car from this era so if it is the case that would be very special. However, the seller’s description is very thin and the original paint claim is scaled back to an “appears to be” descriptor. The repainted gas tank is one thing even the seller admits to.

Original Paint 1952 MG TD for sale


It is also claimed to be a one owner car. However, as with most “one owner” vehicles it is being sold by the short term second owner, often a dealer, “picker”, flipper or wholesaler. While there is nothing wrong with making a buck, it would be nice to hear some of these great finds being saved directly by the enthusiast that wants to preserve or restore the car themselves.

1952 MG TD green rear view

Looking at the photos of this one does bring up the question of the paint actually being original. It does look better than one would expect outside of a very low mile example (which this one is not claimed to be). No numbers (engine or chassis) are supplied and the red on the engine does not look dark enough in our eyes. A period aftermarket cast alloy inspection plate is installed but appears to be painted. It would have been polished when new.

1952 MG TD engine with aftermarket inspection plate

The interior shows patina but the upholstery appears to be black, a colour not actually available for an MG TD interior when new. Beige would have been the only option on a green car in 1952 while green was available on later TD’s. There are enough question marks about this one having original paint that an in person inspection may be required to sort out. Even so, it does appear to be a very sound example. Find it here here on eBay in Costa Mesa California with active bidding but not yet at reserve.

1952 MG TD interior

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