Four owner C2 – 1966 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

The second generation Corvette, or C2, is one of the most popular collectible vintage cars out there. With a robust bank account, there is no shortage of cars available on the market at any given time. Prices can vary widely based on engine, options and condition. Despite this, original paint examples are far and few between. This example has survived with its original paint in the popular Nassau Blue shade.

Original Paint Corvette C2 1966

The original paint looks great in the photos but I would expect to see some appropriate and acceptable signs of age on closer inspection. The seller does indicate thare are some chips and blistering in spots.

1966 Corvette for sale

The engine is the 350 HP L79. While not a big block, it is a step up from the 300 HP 327.It looks like the engine may have received some paint work.

1966 Corvette 327 350 HP

The interior has had its carpet replaced but the balance appears to be original. The driver’s seat looks to have a split on its base.

1966 Corvette interior

Corvettes have led the way in terms of the “original preserved” segment of the hobby. However, no mention is made of any Bloomington or NCRS awards or certification for this example. Perhaps a journey the next owner will take. Click here┬áto go to the eBay listing from Macomb, IL.

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