Chain Driven Time Capsule – 1965 Honda S600

This Honda S600 is reported to have only 22,400 original miles. The original paint is showing some age and there is some surface rust in spots but the car presents very well in the photos.

Honda S600 for sale

The interior looks flawless and this picture could be passed off as from a sales brochure.

Honda S600 Interior

The seller indicates that the DOHC quad-carbed 606 cc 57 H.P. engine is noisy and smoking somewhat. No mention is made of the car’s unique dual chain drive to the rear wheels. However, anything mechanical can be fixed, so I’m sure outside of a price adjustment, the mechanical problems will not deter any serious bidders. Find it here on eBay in Gaylordsville Connecticut where it has not yet hit reserve.

Honda S600 engine

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