Welcome to OriginalPaintCars.com!

I have long admired original, unrestored antique and classic cars. In the 1980’s and early 1990’s expressing an appreciation for aged paint, untouched mechanicals and, the now heavily overused, patina would garner some quisical responses and reactions.

Since then┬áthe general appreciation of these preserved original cars has grown and in the past few years I would say “exploded”. With “blue chip” cars, it is now common to see a preserved original example sell for as much or more than a fully restored #1 condition example of the same model.

Finding true original unrestored cars can be a bit of a “needle in the haystack” proposition in most instances. I’ve set up OriginalPaintCars.com to help fellow enthusiasts easily pinpoint current preserved offerings on the market. Find the car of your dreams or just comment from the armchair, all are welcome!

Happy hunting and Respect the Vintage Tin!