1969 MGB Original Paint Driver

This Snowberry White 1969 MGB is being described as an original paint car in driver condition. MGB production was prolific with about half a million made. As such, they are far from rare. However the 1969 models are unique with one year only reflector assemblies (unlit) and the interesting and correct combination of a driver’s door mirror and passenger side fender mounted mirror. It sports some period looking alloys and includes a hardtop, though the convertible top is the fold-away style instead of the optional fold down unit.

 1969 MGB for sale

There is some rust in the doglegs and the picture doesn’t quite show if it is surface only or holes (which would mean¬†more problems lie within the body structure). Hopefully this car can be preserved as original paint British cars from this era are very uncommon. Find it here on eBay.

Rust in MGB dogleg

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